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1st Grade

Welcome to First Grade! We are so glad that you are here to explore the wonderful world of First Grade learning. We're looking forward to building relationships with our new students and their families.

1st Grade Staff
1st Grade Staff
1st grade Teacher Contact Information

1st grade Teacher Contact Information

Delia Celaya - Premium Baker
Room 7
760-355-3250 x66107
Randi Ryan-  (DUAL Immersion) Wild Card
Room 8
760-355-3250 x66108
Alexandra Varela- (DUAL Immersion)
Room 9
760-355-3250 x66109
Veronica Reyes- STEAM+ 
Room 10
760-355-3250 x66110
Isabel Belew- Engineer
Room 11
760-355-3250 x66111