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Parent volunteers are an invaluable resource, especially for elementary school teachers, and  parent involvement benefits young students in many ways, from improved behavior to better grades.
Teachers will establish clear guidelines and boundaries, and choose the right parents for the job, to get the most out of their volunteers. Each teacher will gather information on availability, skill set, and how they are able to volunteer. 
Parents can serve many different roles in the educational process in addition to teachers:  be advocates for their children,  fundraisers, PTO. And they can even serve in decision making and oversight roles for the school (School Site Council, Parent Engagement Group, English Language Advisory Committee and more). The more parents participate in a sustained way at each of these levels, the better for student achievement.
In addition, we welcome to volunteer in the library, office, and/or in building relationships with our students. 
Major Benefits of Being Involved

Major Benefits of Being Involved

Research shows that when parents are involved in their children's education, the children are more likely to:
  • earn better grades.
  • score higher on tests.
  • pass their classes.
  • attend school regularly.
  • have better social skills.
  • show improved behavior.
  • be more positive in their attitude toward school.
  • complete homework assignments.