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Dress Code

The purpose of a school-wide dress code is to establish a school environment in support of a productive work atmosphere, student learning as well as reflects the values of our greater school community. Please take time to review our school’s Dress Code with your children.  The following items of clothing/accessories are considered inappropriate and/or disruptive to the educational process, and are therefore NOT allowed:

  • Clothing advertising alcohol or containing disrespectful words, signs, or symbols
  • Midriff tops, halter tops, tube tops or any attire which exposes the midriff 
  • Tank tops must ensure undergarments are not visible
  • Skirts, skorts, shorts, and dresses should not be shorter than mid-thigh
  • Clothing and/or accessories distracting to the learning process

In order to participate in sports and recess activities, footwear that provides adequate protection is to be worn at all times.  Tennis shoes or sneakers are recommended. Sandals must have heel straps and are safest if they have closed toes. Flip-flops or shoes with wheels are not acceptable footwear for school.  

Students wearing inappropriate clothing may be asked to go to the office, call their parents, and have alternate clothing brought from home or wear school provided spirit clothing.  Thank you for your support and cooperation with our school dress code policy.