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Playground Standards

Play IS Learning!
The purpose of playground standards is to create an environment where students are encouraged to interact in a respectful and positive manner. The parameters of all activities chosen by students must support this positive environment. These standards will provide the guidelines for students to resolve their own conflicts, to support one another, and assist in creating their own physically and emotionally safe environment. 

  • I will wait patiently before going to the playground areas until adult supervision is visible. I understand without adult supervision there will be nobody there to help me if I am injured.
  • I will walk to and from the playground.  I understand if I run in these areas I may accidentally hurt others or myself.
  • I will participate in all activities in a respectful and safe manner, while keeping in mind the consequences of inappropriate behaviors.  Following the standards shows good citizenship, respect for fellow students, and allows all students to have a fun and enjoyable recess. 
  • I will use respectful language.  Swearing, profanity, and “put-downs” are very disrespectful and can hurt the feelings of others. 
  • I will resolve my problems through communication.  Fighting, verbally or physically, causes emotional and physical harm to others, so I will use my words to communicate with peers.
  • I will use equipment provided by the school.  School equipment has been approved for student safety and provides equal opportunities for everyone.
  • I will use all playground equipment and materials appropriately.  Throwing sand, wood chips, rocks, sticks or other objects is dangerous to yourself and those around you.  Misuse of equipment can cause physical injuries as well as damage the equipment.
  • I will include all students in playground games and activities.  This shows respect to my fellow students and helps to create a positive Cross community.   
         **When the number of players is more than the established limit additional games will be added to                safely accommodate all students.
  • I will only eat food in the designated areas and I will be responsible for throwing away trash even if it is not mine. Keeping the playground and school clear of trash and food shows good citizenship.  **Designated areas include the lunch tables
  • One of my responsibilities during recess time is to use the bathroom and get a drink.  When I am out of class it takes away time from my own and other students’ learning.
  • When the bell rings I will stop playing, hold all equipment, and walk to class.  I understand the adult supervisors need to ensure all students are safe and are ready to walk back to class. 

  • The supervising adult may limit the number of students on the playstack to maintain safety.
  • I will walk on or in the playstack area.  Running can be dangerous and cause injury to yourself or others.
  • I will use the playstack appropriately.  
  • Climbing on top of the playstack or monkey bars, or jumping off the playstack or slide can result in serious injuries. 
  • Slide down the slide one at a time, feet first in a seated position, and make sure that the bottom of the slide area is clear.
  •  Only one person at a time may be on the monkey bars or rings, travelling in the designated 
           direction.  Students may not skip more than one bar or ring at a time.
Horizontal Bars:
  • I will take turns on the bars and be respectful to those who are waiting.
  • I will keep two body parts on the bar at all times to maintain my own safety. 
  • Two hands are required to be on the bar on any dismount.
  • I understand that these bars are not designed for gymnastics practices. Some maneuvers can cause serious injuries
  • I will not use jackets or clothing to protect my hands because this may cause me to lose my grip.
Field Rules:
  • I will play in the designated areas without climbing on the backstops or fences.
  • I will only play tag on the field in an appropriate manner, while respecting other games being played on the field.
  • I understand that tackling does not follow the Cross Playground Standards. Tackling is the leading cause of injuries and disputes. 

Equipment Basket: 
  • I understand that the equipment is there for all students and I will be respectful and show good citizenship while using the equipment.
  • I am responsible for returning playground equipment at the end of the recess period.