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Wellness Policy

The Imperial Unified School District is required by state law to have in place a Student Wellness Policy (BP5030).  The state law was passed to address Californian’s concerns about childhood obesity, which is linked to poor food choices and lack of exercise.  Recognizing the link between student health and learning: 

  • Students will be seated for a minimum of 15 minutes to eat lunch.
  • Students will be asked not to share food/beverages.
  • All food made available by the district will follow all nutritional guidelines.  
  • School fundraising activities either will not involve food or will use only foods that meet the nutrition and portion size.
  • Snacks served in after-school care or enrichment will emphasize fruits, vegetables and water.
  • Rewards for academic performance and good behavior will discourage the use of foods or beverages.
  • Celebrations involving food during the school day are limited to four a year.  Each occasion may include no more than one food or beverage not meeting nutrition standards. 
  • Food served as part of instructional activities will offer healthy choices.
  • All students will receive 200 minutes of vigorous physical activities every two weeks.

At Cross School, in accordance with the Imperial Unified School District health and wellness policy food will not be used during celebrations, including student birthdays. Cross will designate one common day in October, December, February, and June in which food may be used for celebrations. Additionally, food may be used at other times during the school year if the food item is related to learning about grade level standards-based curriculum. Thank you for recognizing the importance of working together to provide healthy nutrition and physical activity for our students.

In addition, all food brought on campus by parents, teachers, or staff for students should be store bought with labeled ingredients.  No home cooked or prepared foods will be served on campus to students in order to minimize the risk of allergic reactions and foodborne illness.